Posted by: Steven Toscher | May 19, 2022

SANDRA BROWN, EVAN DAVIS and STEVEN TOSCHER Publish Article in Los Angeles Lawyer

We are very pleased to announce that Sandra Brown, Evan Davis and Steven Toscher are featured in this month’s Los Angeles Lawyer discussing the research and development credit as applied in the entertainment industry. And you can get MCLE. 

Many businesses perform some type of research and development (R&D)—the lifeblood of a growing and prosperous economy. A primary example is the entertainment industry in which many companies over the years have partly become technology companies. A telltale sign of such growth in R&D is the number of companies taking advantage of these federal tax credits under Internal Revenue Code Section 41. This can be seen, for example, in the public Securities and Exchange Commission filings of major entertainment companies. However, many smaller businesses may not realize that some of their activities also may qualify for R&D tax credits.  Whether a business is large or small, the ability to claim, and withstand the IRS’s scrutiny of, R&D tax credits is something worth learning about.

Click Here for full article.

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