Posted by: evanjdavis | April 19, 2022

EVAN DAVIS and JONATHAN KALINSKI to Speak at Upcoming 44th Annual UCLA/CEB Estate Planning Institute

Please join Evan Davis and Jonathan Kalinski on April 28-29, 2022 for the UCLA/CEB 44th Annual Estate Planning Institute.

The Estate Planning Institute covers issues of significant importance to the estate planning specialist, the attorney who handles a moderate number of estate planning cases, professional fiduciaries, and tax professionals. Topics are led by nationally recognized experts and assumes considerable experience in estate planning.

Evan Davis – Attorney-Client Privilege After In re

Grand Jury (9th Cir. 2022)

Evan Davis will discuss the status of the attorney-client privilege in light of the case In re Grand Jury (2021) 13 F.4th 710 (2021 U.S. App. Lexis 27420) which affirmed the lower court’s application of the “primary purpose test”, as opposed to “because of” test in deciding whether the attorney-client privilege applied to certain dual-purpose communications in response to grand jury subpoenas requesting documents and communications regarding a criminal investigation.

Jonathan Kalinski – Estate Planning for Difficult Assets (Firearms, Cannabis, Crytocurrency, and NTFs.)

Our panel of speakers will discuss methods and difficulties in planning for transfer of difficult assets following death, such as firearms, Crypto Currency and Non-fungible Tokens and Cannabis assets.

Click Here for more information.

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