Posted by: Steven Toscher | November 4, 2021

EDWARD ROBBINS, SANDRA BROWN, MICHEL STEIN, EVAN DAVIS, LACEY STRACHAN and JONATHAN KALINSKI to Speak at the ABA National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and Tax Controversy

We are pleased to let you know that this year’s National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and Tax Controversy will be taking place in person in Las Vegas Nevada on December 8 through December 10, 2021. Yes — we are back live and look forward to seeing all of our colleagues up close and personal.

The ABA’s COVID-19 protocols will be in place and they can be located on the registration link below.

Attendees will need to affirm being vaccinated and or will be required to show a negative COVID test at registration on Wednesday and an updated test on Friday. The ABA wants to keep everyone safe. There will also be distance and mask protocols required by the Hotel.

The Institute is the yearly gathering of the Criminal and Civil Tax Controversy bars and brings together high-level Government representatives, judges, corporate counsel and private practitioners who engage in all aspects of tax controversy, civil tax litigation and criminal tax prosecution and defense.

We have an excellent line up of programs, including –

Our traditional Criminal Tax Workshop
Featuring Edward Robbins and Lacey Strachan

A Conversation with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Low Income Taxpayers: The Role of Unconscious Bias in Tax and Tax Collection (Diversity Credit)

Civil Workshop – Representing Taxpayers in Failure to File Cases

Civil and Criminal Enforcement Priorities
Featuring Sandra Brown

The Reorganized IRS: What It Looks Like andWhat It Means for Practitioners

Getting To “No”: What Works andWhat Doesn’t Work to Get the IRS and DOJ to Decline Prosecution

Jerry Feffer Annual Lunch

The View From the Tax Court

Trial Practice: How to Try Technical Tax Issues in Criminal Cases

Promoter Investigations: Penalties and Injunctions
Featuring Evan Davis

Sensitive Audits: Ethical Considerations

Ethical Issues in Collaboration in Precedent Setting Litigation

Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em: What to do When Your State Legalizes Marijuana and the Federal Government Just Says No
Featuring Jonathan Kalinski

Common Yet Challenging Ethical Questions

Current Issues in Sentencing: Are We More Compassionate Now?

The Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Protection in Tax Cases –Developments and Best Practices

How to Try a Civil Tax Fraud Case

Cryptocurrency: Where Are We Today?
Featuring Michel Stein

CLICK HERE for more information.

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