Posted by: Robert Horwitz | March 11, 2021

Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure – The News from the FBAR Front Isn’t All Bad, It Only Seems That Way Sometimes by ROBERT HORWITZ

“Friend of the JTPP, Robert S. Horowitz shares an update on penalties in The News from the FBAR Front Isn’t All Bad, It Only Seems That Way Sometimes. It’s good to hear the phrase “non-willful FBAR cases” even if it is a rare case. It seemed for a while that IRS wasn’t able to find an FBAR case it considered non-willful. Robert’s easy writing style and insight will guide you through the variety of cases he reviews.”

Claudia Hill Editor-in-Chief

This year has seen several significant decisions in the FBAR penalty arena. While some taxpayers have been successful in defeating motions for summary judgment in FBAR willful cases, in those cases that have gone to trial the taxpayers have ultimately lost. In the non-willful FBAR area, however, the taxpayers this year were successful in convincing two district courts that the maximum non-willful penalty is $10,000 per annual form and not per account. This article will discuss some of the FBAR cases that were decided over the past year.

Click Here to read full article.

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