Posted by: Steven Toscher | March 9, 2021

Crown Jewels. Operation Hidden Treasure. STEVEN TOSCHER Quoted in Forbes Article

Steven Toscher recently had the opportunity to moderate a Federal Bar Association panel on the IRS new Office of Fraud Enforcement. While much attention was paid on the panel to the  unveiling some of IRS Crown Jewels by the new OFE Director Damon Rowe and it’s “Operation Hidden Jewels” in its cryptocurrency enforcement efforts, Steve was quoted in Forbes on his thoughts on the established of the new OFE and what it will mean for taxpayers and their advisors:

“The new Office of Fraud Enforcement looks like it will be a game changer in tax enforcement. We expect to see more referrals for criminal prosecution and assertions of the 75% civil fraud penalty. When the current leaders of the IRS took over a few years ago they decided that a more vigorous enforcement of the tax laws, including the use of criminal investigations and civil fraud penalties, was essential to fairness for all taxpayers. The Office of Fraud Enforcement is the product of that increased focus.”

Stay tuned.  Click Here for Full Article

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