Posted by: Taxlitigator | June 10, 2020

IRS Cracks Down on Tax Fraud by Creating a New Enforcement Office by STEVEN TOSCHER, SANDRA BROWN, and LACEY STRACHAN

Comparing recent annual statistics of criminal investigations and  prosecutions by the Internal Revenue Service seems to suggest that the agency may be shifting resources away from criminal tax enforcement. In Fiscal Year 2019, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division initiated 2,485 investigations and recommended 1,893 prosecutions.  This continues a trend seen in recent years of declining criminal investigations by the IRS. In 2016, the division initiated 3,395 investigations, and, in 2017, it initiated only 3,019 investigations. In 2018, that number had dropped to 2,886.4 This trend coincides with a continuing decline in criminal investigation special agents—in 2019, the division had the fewest special agents since the early 1970s.

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