Posted by: Taxlitigator | January 21, 2016


AGOSTINO & ASSOCIATES –To download a great article prepared by our very close friends at the Law Firm of Agostino & Associates in Hackensack, NJ ( ), see the Agostino & Associates January Newsletter –

EVALUATING COLLECTION ALTERNATIVES: WHETHER TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY OR REQUEST AN OFFER IN COMPROMISE by By Frank Agostino, Esq. and Patrick Binakis, Esq. – Debt-saddled taxpayers frequently ask their tax advisors whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or an offer in compromise (“OIC”) is the best option for resolving tax debts. The short answer is, not surprisingly, that “it depends,” because one size does not fit all. Evaluating the alternative that best suits a client’s needs requires familiarity with bankruptcy law, tax procedure, and evolving case law involving the overlap of the two. This article explores the considerations that inform the choice between seeking a bankruptcy or an OIC as a means of resolving tax debts. GREAT ARTICLE!!


AGOSTINO & ASSOCIATES, with a national practice based in Hackensack, NJ, specializes in tax and tax controversies (civil and criminal), offers in compromise, voluntary disclosures, tax lien discharges,  innocent spouse determinations, forfeitures, estate planning and probate, contract and contract litigation.  A firm comprised truly great, caring people who want the best for their clients !

For further information, contact Frank Agostino or Patrick Binakis directly at (201) 488-5400 or visit

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