Posted by: Taxlitigator | March 13, 2014

AGOSTINO & ASSOCIATES – Procedural Challenges to Interest and Penalties in CDP

To download a great article regarding “Procedural Challenges to Interest and Penalties in CDP” prepared by our very close friends at the Law Firm of Agostino & Associates in Hackensack, NJ ( ), see the Agostino & Associates Newsletter

The article begins “One of the challenges in collection due process  proceedings is convincing the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) to compromise their penalty and interest claims. The purpose of this article is to suggest procedural challenges that are often overlooked by practitioners in Collection Due Process (“CDP”) cases. . . .”

The Agostino & Associates Newsletter has another article of significant  interest to many “Common Forms Associated with International Tax Compliance – Part I.” See

The article begins “We are a nation of immigrants. The 2011 census shows that this fact is especially true in New Jersey. It is unreasonable to assume that taxpayers immigrating here have no business interests outside the United States. Thus, return preparers need to familiarize themselves with the tax forms implicated when taxpayers enter into transactions resulting in money coming into or leaving the United States. . . .”

For further information, contact Frank Agostino at (201) 488-5400.

AGOSTINO & ASSOCIATES, with a national practice located in Hackensack, NJ, specializes in tax and tax controversies (civil and criminal), offers in compromise, voluntary disclosures, tax lien discharges,  innocent spouse determinations, forfeitures, estate planning and probate, contract and contract litigation.  A firm comprised truly great, caring people who want the best for their clients (and they are hosting another absolutely amazing BBQ at their office on June 27 this year – everyone is invited but make sure to rsvp in advance!)

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